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 Ike! The noobiest Fragmaster

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PostSubject: Ike! The noobiest Fragmaster    Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:22 pm


Hey everyone! Uhhhh it's Ike xD
I started AC id say about 2 years ago, give or take, and I've met some amazing players ever since i've played. I'm known as a professional knifer, gibber, fragger, and those are all lies. Honestly, This is the first clan that actually accepted me, regardless of my skills. I joined FmC with my friends Shamwowguy (God bless his soul since he is fearful of returning to an addicition of cubing). Everyone in this clan that i met and knew 2 years ago, are still awesome, even though i haven't seen some of them. I'm extremely happy that i get to be apart of the rebuilding of FmC, and that every thing goes well. We shall be one of the most memorable clans in AC!!! Razz Razz Razz

Now, onto a self intorduction....this could take about 5-6 hours to read, so enjoy ^^

Yeah, I'm Ike, I like to be a friendly player, I dont like fighting (well like....argumentation-wise...I'll slice you up in an instance Very Happy) but I just enjoy playing. I'm not exactly focused on being the most skilled player in all of AC, but i want to be a person who can train those who want to learn the skills. Over the years, I have been taught by some of (what i consider) the greatest AC'rs of all time, and they have taught me skills (which i haven't perfected, but i can teach them to those who can) and how to be a good player. I enjoy just having a great time with people, I want FmC to be an awesome clan, and I feel like everyone reading this makes it seem like im just rambling. School is almost over, so ill have alot more time on this epic game, and I hope the clan progresses even farther in the game and out of the game.

Have fun all and happy fraggin ^^
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Ike! The noobiest Fragmaster
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