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 Introduction of Etherial

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|FmC| Etherial

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Introduction of Etherial Empty
PostSubject: Introduction of Etherial   Introduction of Etherial Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 11:45 pm

Hello, I'm Etherial, and this is my introduction. I started playing AC about three years. I would play around with stupid names until I played under PowerRangerBlue. One day I played TOSOK on desert with a couple of different clans but one day I play with Spitfire, Stykat, and N3Cr0. I helped get a glorious win against some hackers and I try to get into the clan they was in which was FmC. So I was tested and I passed and went on to be |FmC|ablackman under this time to I was also in another clan which was 40+ but they was more of a friend and it didnt cause any interference with FmC because FmC clan was friends with 40+. As time passed people left and people join then we finally became a stable clan under the tutelage MathiasB (original founder), Stykat, and N3Cr0. We had a beast clan which comprised of me, Stayla, RikPik, Near, Anderson, Ike, ShamWow, Aqua( aka NightFury), Halvium, Ratza, and others (sorry if i couldnt remember your name). Our clan made it to its first birthday without a hitch and was still and clan that was one of the most respected. After time passed life started to over our lives again which caused me and FmC to phased ourselves out of the clan causing it to died. Until one day towards the end of last year I came on and I didnt see anybody I know for a couple of days and then one day I seen Anderson of is now on the DES team and I started to ask him about AC and how is all the clans, we used to know and love, doing only to find out that they are gone or have some of our favorite have left and the clan disbanded. See this it only burn at my heart to final come to the decision to bring back the phoenix from the dead. FmC have to come back even if it just had to be me, but once words got out that I have declared the return of FmC I have nothing but support, and original members and new members started to come. Thanks to the people who helped bring this clan back to its feet. I couldnt have done it with out you. FmC is alive but its on us as FmC members to keep it alive. remember that as long as you bleed FmC I will bleed more into it FmC to show that this will not died again
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Introduction of Etherial
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