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 Application Template

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PostSubject: Application Template   Application Template Icon_minitimeTue Mar 20, 2012 12:28 am

What not to do when applying?

Once an application is started, it takes anywhere from a day to a week to finish the first stage. This stage is just for us to see if your skill is even at our level. After they get their 4 F1s , they are welcome into the second stage of our recruitment process, trial membership. During this stage players may wear the |FmC| tag as long as a [T] is added in the name to show that they are in the trial stage, as well as earning the privilege to play clan matchs. We will take the most time in this stage to focus on testing the appy, and getting to know them. There will be a minimum of a week for this stage to make sure of our choice. Once in this stage, the appy must get 5 more F1s to finaly enter the clan. 3 F2s in any stage of the application will result in a denied app.


Personal Information

1. Your real name (first name is fine)

2. Your age (Dont lie!)

3. What country do you live in? (We will check your ip so dont lie)

4. What is your timezone - Find your timezone here! :

5. How would you describe yourself:

In-Game Information

6. What is your in-game name?

7. Have you ever played under different names? If so, list them.

8. Have you ever been in an AssaultCube clan? If so, list them.

9. What was your reason for leaving your previous clan(s)?

10. What is your preferred weapon?

11. What is your favorite map?

12. What is your favorite mode?

13. Have you ever cheated in AssaultCube?

14. Have you ever been blacklisted? If yes, Why?

15. How much do you play AssaultCube on an average day?

16. For how long have you been playing AssaultCube?

Other Info

17. How did you find out about FmC:

18. Why do you want to join:

19. Why should we accept you (What would you bring to the clan):

20. Additional Skills e.g Coding, Servers, Web Hosting etc:


21. What time(s) are you online for testing purposes, if you have a skype please provide it here:


22. 2 or More of your best screenshots:
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Application Template
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